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Online gaming has been a revolution since it initially incorporated with the Xbox. Other console manufacturers like PlayStation and Wii U have also created their online networks. These networks provide gamers with an opportunity to play against each even if they are from different parts of the world. Competition, like those in Hearthstone, can now be played by multi- players from around the world provided every player is connected to the network. The added advantage is that most of these games are platform independent. This provides for a more fun gaming experience and brings the aspect of integration in gaming. The following are some of the online games have been massive hits due to their multi-player suitability among other reasons. League of Legends The League of Legends holds the record for the most played online game ever and for good reasons. It is estimated that the game was played by an average of 100 million users monthly in 2016. The League of Legend is free which can be attributed to its popularity. However, you might have to purchase some things like characters and skins to advance in the game quicker. At each new level, users unlock added features like masteries which help to continually develop the player's character. From the onset of this game, it is clear to see why so many people are loved, a story that keeps on giving and entertaining its users. Hearthstone (Heroes of WarCraft) Released in late 2014, Hearthstone has won hearts of many online gamers. The game now averages over 40 million players a month and is the most watched game according to eSports. Hearthstone is easy to understand while the game play is intriguing. A user chooses one hero then uses their deck of cards use all manner of attack weapons like spells and other abilities to defeat other players. Like other popular online games, Hearthstone has great depth, numerous game modes, and longevity which keeps users entertained and keep their curiosity at maximum. DOTA 2 Dota 2 is a popular online game and the most actively played on Steam. Dota 2 presents one of the most invigorating and tense multi-player experiences in the gaming world. The game has a fantastic presentation, many characters, great depth and an amazing story line. In Dota 2, users only purchase enhancements for their characters but can play the game to its full potential without the add-ons.Valve and the online community allow the users to check and join tournaments and at will. World Of Warcraft The fact World of Warcraft is the highest earning game of all time shows its popularity and the love gaming enthusiasts have for this game. This game has been out for more than 10 years now and continues to receive constant expansion updates from the makers, Blizzard. The current expansion is called Legion and was released in mid-2016.The graphics, story line, game missions and modes in World of Warcraft are amazing, and it's easy to see why so many players are hooked. Minecraft The word 'Minecraft' is very popular not only in the gaming world. Minecraft is mostly played on phone, unlike the other ones which are best experienced on PCs. It is a simple construction game which does involve the Sci-Fi and futuristic nature of the other games that have been mentioned. Simple does not mean basic, and Minecraft proves this with other features like exploration and crafting. It also has different modes which add to the fanfare.
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