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PC gaming has come a long way and has a great history. Many gamers started their gaming hobby on their family's computers. Although they play second fiddle to consoles, according to some gamers, they still have a huge amount of people still on the platform. Over the great development of PC gaming, there have been some great games that we all have fond memories playing. Such games are the reason why some people are still PC fanatics to this day. We take a trip down memory lane, remembering the great games across different genres that have kept us glued to our screens hours on end. Grand Theft Auto Grand Theft Auto from Rockstar is on this list for its consistency over the years. The Vice City edition, San Andreas or GTA V have all received hours of gameplay from their loyal fans. It is easy to see why this game is so popular; mix a gangster, guns, law enforcement, realistic graphics and you can't come closer to being a bad boy than this. The game is expansive and also has multi-player capability which is such a rarity in such games. Overwatch Although Overwatch as launched in 2016, it is fast becoming one of the most played PC video games. Overwatch combines modern and futuristic infrastructure in its gameplay. It is a fierce first-person point of view multi-player game which continues to evolve through the various missions. Players get to choose from all the available characters when they pay to get the game. Overwatch has plenty of characters to choose from, which you customize as your game progresses. For people who enjoy a multiple playing mode, first person gaming, Overwatch is a great option. WWE 2K17 For the sporting category, there can only be one king in terms of the numbers, and that is WWE 2K17. The game provides users with an opportunity to pit their favorite wrestling superstars against each other. It still has some bugs, and this might be excused for a game that was initially developed for consoles and is a recent release, but it still performs decently. The gameplay has received some improvements in the rings, characters and the fighting combos. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive This 2014 release is a great first shooter perspective game off the Counter-Strike series. In this edition, the map, game modes increased to six and characters have been revamped. Competitions such as those organized by eSports have contributed massively to the amount this game has been played. A dedicated team of developers ensures that new content is frequently released which keeps users coming back. Fallout 4 Fallout 4 from Bethesda Game Studios wraps up our list. On the first day of its release, Fallout 4 was a major hit, selling over a million copies on Steam alone. Unlike other similar games which might feel like a never ending shooting maze, Fallout 4 packs a bunch of surprises throughout the whole game. The development of the plot, the improved graphics, and the playing environment are bound to keep any player engaged and is one of the major reasons why it is among the most played PC video games.
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