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When it comes to PC gaming, users theoretically have two options; to build a custom PC according to user's needs or buy a ready-made machine. For the beginners out there it does make more sense to have a complete PC and then upgrade with time, as the process of building is time-consuming, expensive and can be complicated. You can find excellent computers for gaming, plus computer repairs at Top Computer Docs in Tucson and Top Computer Docs in Phoenix. You can also do computer gaming on Dish - check it out. Furthermore, we now have gaming laptops that are particularly focused on gaming and have been tuned to play almost all games optimally. For this article, we will compile a list including both desktops and laptops best suited for a fantastic gaming experience. Razor Blade 14 (GTX 1060) This 2016 release has been touted as the leader of portable gaming. It is remarkably thin; it comes in at 0.7 inches and yet still manages to pack robust components within its slender package. The Razor Blade has a 1920 X 1080 touch screen display which will ensure that the forest in Witcher 3 is as realistic as it can get. The processor in the Razor Blade is a 2.6GHz Intel Core i7-6700HQ coupled with 16 gigs of RAM capable of playing the most demanding games with relative ease. The cooling fans have been redesigned to improve efficiency and reduce noise, and the battery life is now up to 7 hours. Alienware 13 R3 Alienware has taken the gaming sphere by storm and one of their latest devices; the Alienware 13 R3 does not disappoint. It is a compact 13-inch laptop featuring a 1920 X 1080 touch screen display and is 17mm thinner than the previous model. At optimum spec, the Alienware 13 R3 has 16GB memory and has Intel Core i7 processor. It also packs a Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics card which ensures great graphics during gameplay. ASUS GL502 The GL502 is the first gaming laptop by ASUS to incorporate the GTX 1070 graphic card which is more powerful. Unlike the two previous model, the screen on this one is a non-touch which has good contrast and color saturation. On the inside, the ASUS GL502 has 8 gigs of memory which can be expanded to 16 gigs. The 1 terabyte of hard drive ensures you have lots of storage space and there is an allocation for more. It has two fans and vents on the side for faster cooling. The ASUS GL502 can play most games at optimal settings and is another great gaming laptop from ASUS. Digital Storm Velox The Digital Storm Velox is high-end desktop which is specifically built for gaming. The Velox has Intel Core i7 which can clock up to 5 GHz, two GTX 1080 graphic cards which enable it to play the most demanding games at ease. It is relatively bigger at 22.2 inches tall, but the bulkiness makes up for the superior performance. Like other desktops, there is room for upgrading which is why we love desktops. For those with a bigger budget, the Digital Storm Velox should be a good consideration. Alienware Alpha R2 The Alienware Alpha R2 is a great option for those looking for a smaller desktop. This is the second generation of the Alienware Alpha, the exterior looks pretty much the same, but the interior has received significant updates. The top specification of the Alpha R2 has a quad core i7 with a speed of up to 4GHz, 4 gigs of RAM and 1 terabyte of storage. The small design, however, makes slightly more noisier, but for the price point, this is a great deal.
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Razor Blade 14 (GTX 1060)